Exoskeleton uses 3D printing to help paralyzed walk again

Amanda Boxtel is a skier, who after an accident in 1992 became paralyzed from the waist down. Amanda’s accident didn’t impede her progress however and over the past 22 years she has been living an exciting and active life. A life full of hope, Amanada always dreamt that someday she would be able to walk again. Now, thanks to exoskeleton company EksoBionics and 3D Systems a fully-customized exoskeleton suit has been developed for Amanda. EksoBionics having created an exoskeleton suit to aid those with walking disabilites used 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies available from 3D Systems which allowed them to fully customize the exoskeleton to fit the countours and shapes of Amanda’s body to decrease the amount of impact the exoskeleton has on bony parts of the body which become aggravated after prolonged contact with stiff surfaces. The collaboration between these two companies illustrates what is achievable with new technologies and an attitude full of positivity and hope.