Interstellar’s 12 foot 3D printed spaceship

The movie that has everyone talking these days is Christopher Nolan’s (The Dark Knight trilogy) new film, Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey. Interstellar is about mankinds’ journey from Earth to find a new home among the stars. Nolan wanted a more realistic and authentic feel to Interstellar so instead of simply using CGI for all the shots of the spaceships they actually had models made. Some models as big as 46 ft long and used for actual action shots. However, at London’s BFI IMAX theatre they unveiled a 12 ft long model of the spaceship that was primarily made with 3D printed parts. The 3D printing technology allowed the film makers to create highly detailed parts both small and large for use on the models which helped diminish the need for CGI and this will cause the special effects in Interstellar to age very well.