Leapfrog’s Global Growth

In this newsletter:

  • Leapfrog’s global and online expansion: new HQ and new production facilties,opening up offices in the US, Germany and France and our French and German websites.
  • Meet Leapfrog and receive printer demo’s in London (UK), San Francisco (CA, USA), Frankfurt (DE) and HQ (The Netherlands)
  • Leapfrog research in 3D printing use

Leapfrog’s Global and Online Expansion

Since more and more businesses, researchers and educational institutes are discovering the value our affordable printers can add to their business, Leapfrog wants to keep standing by them wherever they are. We also want to keep improving the printing experience as well as our customer services. That is why we are scaling up! We are proud to let you know that we are now the owner of a large production facility in Europe. Our HQ offices in The Netherlands were getting rather tight as well, so we decided to move to a bigger building.

The beginning of 2014 will also see the opening of Leapfrog offices in the US, Germany and France, so you can imagine how excited we are! And in order to service our French and German speaking customers better, they can now also turn to lpfrg.de and lpfrg.fr.

Meet Leapfrog Around the Globe

Leapfrog is continuously organizing and participating in events to show business, research and educational users what the current state of the affordable 3D print technique is and how they can capture all the benefits of this technique for their specific use. Our project of printing The Forbidden City of Beijing, in collaboration with museum De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, is a perfect opportunity to see the possible applications of 3D printing for architects. That is why we will organize a special information afternoon for architects at the exhibition in Amsterdam. During this meeting, we will share some of the experiences on how our architectural community uses 3D printing and elaborate on further possiblities.
Are you based in the UK or the US and interested to meet us and see our printers? In November, we will be organizing information days in London as well as in San Francisco. 

Interested in the Xeed? Come and see Xeed demonstrations at Printed Electronics USA in Santa Clara, CA on November 20th and 21st and at Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany December 3rd through 6th. Besides these events, we are hosting our regular info afternoons at HQ each last Friday of the month.

Leapfrog Research in 3D Printing Use

Leapfrog is continuously doing research in to the use of 3D printing. Want to be the first to receive our research publication on all the applications 3D printing brings for engineering, product design, medical, education and more? Or do you want to showcase your amazing use and results of your 3D printer? Please participate in our research by sending an email to [email protected]. We will ask you a few questions and you will receive the results of the research ahead of anybody else.

Kind regards,

The Leapfrog team