MakerBot aims to put 3D Printers in all US Schools

American 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot have grand plans to put 3D printers in every school across America. Although not everyone can see the potential of 3D printing, President Barack Obama mentioned 3D printing in his latest State of the Union Address. President Obama talked about how they had already opened a 3D printing hub in a “once-shuttered warehouse,” in Youngstown, Ohio and announced “the launch of three more of these manufacturing hubs, where businesses will partner with the Departments of Defense and Energy,” bringing more high-tech jobs to America. So although some may see 3D printing as more of a hobby for tinkerers, the professional sector of 3D printing is growing everyday and endorsement from people like President Obama will help shine the limelight on professional 3D printing and bring it into the mainstream. In order for these technologies to really take off in the next few decades however the importantance of teaching 3D printing skills to our youth is a necessary condition to ensure not only the rise of professional 3D printing but to ensure our superiority in the 3D printing industry.