UBCO Advanced Manufacturing and Prototype competition

Hi Sid,

We just wanted to update you on how the competition went and send a thank you!
Our competition, as part of the UBC Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping course final project, was to build a turbine that runs off of 4L of water at 2m of head.
Each turbine was connected to a small hobbie motor and wired to an interface that measures the total joules produced in the run time and the operating voltage production.
There are two competition categories: the most power produced, and the most power produced with respects to turbine weight.
Our turbine (with to the help of your printing), absolutely crushed the competition. We took first place in both categories, and more then tripled the power produced of the next best turbine.
This little beast was tested and able to produce over 14V and maximum speeds.
Thanks again for the printing help and for dropping it off to us Sid. The printing was a huge help, and we wouldn’t have been able to win without it. We owe you another beer if we catch you at a restaurant or pub!
We attached some pictures and wrote a small thank you note below, incase you would like to use this for business or advertising purposes of any sort (let us know if you would like anything else).
“Thank you Sid and Sandback Printing for helping to bring our project to life! The high tolerance printing available at Sandback allowed us to make precision parts and take 1st place at the UBC Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Turbine Competition.” – Levi, Tyler, Dejo, Mark, and Kyle, UBC Mechanical Engineering 2016
Levi Lafortune
Tyler Roth
Mark DeWachter
Dejo Oyelese
Kyle Drosdovech